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As we prepare to hang up our keys and return to a “stick and brick” home we have wonderful memories to look back on. One of the least talked about yet more important parts of the full-time RV life is what to do when you have a problem with your RV.

Let’s face it, when you travel the country you are not always near an RV technician or a dealer to have a repair done. Some places refuse to work on an RV unless it was purchased from them. That wouldn’t be an issue if you remained close to home but that isn’t what RVs are for.

Marilyn & I have been fortunate in our 13 years of full-timing, to have met Slade & Alicia Tennery who own Rolling Retreats RV Sales in Elk City, Oklahoma. We have been returning to them for maintenance on our RV on pretty much an annual basis.

They have managed to keep our 2011 Mobile Suite in good condition, have completed modifications such as replacing the original RV fridge with a residential model, and completed repairs both minor and major. They have been wonderful to do business with and although they stay extremely busy, have always found time to work us into their busy schedule. In my humble opinion they are honest and completely dependable.

Most recently we stopped for some scheduled maintenance and asked them to check several items “just to be safe”. Sure enough, they did a thorough job and discovered a bad wheel bearing. That is a particularly sensitive issue for us because we lost our first RV to a fire caused by a wheel bearing which seized, locking the wheel, and dragging the tire which caused a fire. The end result was that we lost everything. I have to mention that this was before we knew Slade & Alicia.

I asked Alicia how they began the business and she informed me that she left her profession as a nurse to begin selling used RVs. That was back in 2006 and she began by purchasing one used RV and fixing it up before reselling it. Eventually she increased the number of units she would purchase and then resell.

It was in 2011 when she and Slade began selling new RVs and DRV became the focus because of the quality. Slade can fix anything and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to DRV RVs.

Their business has grown and they now sell new and used RVs but only DRV Mobile Suites or Elite Suites. One of the benefits they offer is that Alicia will work with a customer to create a custom design for the customer. Ask her about “Alicia’s kitchen”.

Recently we were staying overnight in Fredericksburg, Texas and when we were ready to leave, the landing gear wouldn’t retract. I immediately called Slade and he led me through a procedure to bypass the solenoid. The landing gear retracted and operated normally but I left the RV hooked up until we reached Rolling Retreats where he replaced the defective solenoid. That kind of help when you are traveling is invaluable.

If ever we were considering the purchase of a new DRV fifth wheel, there is only one place we would go and that would be to Rolling Retreats. If you find yourself in or passing through Elk City, stop by Rolling Retreats to meet Alicia and tour some of the beautiful RVs they have for sale.

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