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We went down and watched Space X's Falcon Heavy rocket launch from NASA's Kennedy Space Center this was it's second flight. It's a new design it has 3 cores that stand side by side to create a 27-engine colossus. Together it creates 5.1 million pounds of thrust it's the most powerful rocket in the world 2 of the side boosters came back and landed at the Space center and the 3rd one landed on a barge in the ocean.

When the 2 side rockets came down it created 2 sonic booms. I will have to say I thought the rocket launch would have made a lot more noise. But it was pretty neat watching the 2 cores coming down side by side and landing. This all happened 45 miles south of us we had went down last year and watched a medium size rocket launch. We also watched a launch from our condo which is what we will probably do from now on.

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