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Lake El Dorado, the biggest water we've seen in a long time,...

The rolling hills and the water towers for the casino, our destination

The casino, we're on the Prairie Band Reservation

Mike, dressed for the cold, trying to set up the dish, hoping...

Parked for the next few days, Mike is putting the warming light...

One of the many great things about traveling like this... you learn how to spell city names. Well Wichita, (took Mike took a few tries to get this spelling right) you were hot when we pulled in yesterday 86F (30C) and in twelve hours it was just a few degrees above freezing. The wind roared all night and the TV news crawling banner kept on flashing blizzard warnings for points west and north of us. It should have been easy to sleep (we were tired), but our proximity to a very active train track and the engineer's deep need to honk their train horns as they passed our RV park was not making it easy - the final straw was the 5:15 (from where came it came, that train should go back) we were wide awake for some reason and ready to get up.

Waking up with the drastic change in temperatures this morning, we both caved and put on our jeans. Looks like it may be a while before we get to wear shorts again.

Pulling out at 8:30 we were on our way... going old school with paper maps and a little help from Google, we only 'almost' got lost trying to get back on the right road but we made it, Mike misses the GPS.

Today was a day of expressways and interstates... a more boring drive than what we've been used to over the past few days. The scenery has begun to change with the odd tree and shrub to more frequent trees changing over to forests and the flat lands have morphed into rolling hills. We went from areas which looked dry and parched to lots of big ponds, like El Dorado Lake which is an 8,000 square foot lake/reservoir, the 7th largest lake in Kansas built in 1973.

It seems most roads have some significance and history to them, whether old wagon train routes or cattle trails or like today's route part of which is the Lane Freedom Trail, part of the Underground Railroad. This part was where the famous abolitionist John Brown led his last 'train' in Kansas, shortly after he was captured and executed.

We had planed a short drive today since we were trying to find a campground where we could golf close by but all we could come up with was the 'Prairie Band Casino and Resort' north of Topeka, Kansas. Gee wiz, a golf course, casino and lots of free food and half price drinks, this place may not be so bad. Everyone should give camping a go. Oh and then the casino gives you money to gamble with... what could go wrong? We're hoping to golf one day and have a couple of nice meals at one of the casino's many food places, so we're taking a break to stay a few days here. Hopefully the weather warms up a bit before we move on, and if only those darn north winds from Canada would calm down we'd be happier.

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