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Cabot’s house


Waoklye head

Looking for something to do, I found a Groupon discount ticket for Cabot Pueblo.. Boy are we glad we went. This place is incredible! Cabot Yerxa built this historic house to use as a teaching tool and housed artist. The Pueblo he built is located in Desert Hot Springs, Cal. His house was a large, Hopi style it contained artwork, artifacts of American Native Indians and Alaska Native cultures and early desert homesteaders.

In the yard was a 15 foot tall carved head of a Waoklye Native American carved by Peter Toth in 1978. Waoklye means Traditional helper.

Cabot in 1913 homestead 160 acres in the desert and over years, he built a Pueblo. In the end, it had 35 rooms, 5000 sq. ft Pueblo. It was built from 1941 thru 1950 entirely of found and repurposed materials.

He was the first to discover the desert hot springs and took advantage of the findings to start a healthy environment compound for artist.

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