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One of the miniature horses at the zoo, such a cutie

The American Bison, with a view of the bus in the background

Mike and the Emu are having a chat

I think we're playing Peek a Boo

This African Goose wasn't happy we were wandering close

Crossing the Arkansas River, don't see any water in there

A field of weird whirligigs in Mullinville, KS, who knows why

Something we see often, trains and grain elevators

What are these yellow bales?? Not hay...

View while we eat lunch, all the trees are flowering down here

The site for the night, notice the tiny home next to us

This morning looking at the weather and things haven't changed much, so we're packing up and heading on to Wichita, KS. That should get us out of the freezing temps and rain/snow but the wind will follow us for another few days.

Since we had only a short drive to make today, we took in the city zoo that was next to the RV park before pulling out.

So following our old school maps, Mike took a detour to get gas. Minutes after getting back on the road - well lets say 10 minutes after filling up with gas, we discovered we were going the wrong way... those pesky old school maps. So we got to see Dodge City a few more times before leaving it in our dust. On the way out of town, at least we weren't be escorted of out Dodge, we came across Fort Dodge. Another stop that we didn't think we needed to make... on we rolled.

Farther down the road... and we are still on the skinny two lane back roads of the USA, we came up on Greensburg which has the largest hand dug well in the world... it was even marked on the state map. It seems that every town tries to bring you in to make some money off of the tourists.

Still down the road we came across 'Next Gineration Cotton Gin Mill' where they process cotton that is picked in the area. This plant just had a small burr fire (what is cleaned out of the cotton, like stems, etc.) on Mar 4, but looks like it's all up and running now. Many of the local farm fields had those large yellow wrapped rolls of what looked like round bails of hay, but it was cotton. Not something we though Kansas was into.

We got to Wichita, using our old school maps, we found our place for the night, a very small RV park... hmmm once again it's next to a busy railway track... think this may be night #5 of camping next to trains, and oh yeah, we're next to a highway. But that should make our getting out of here easy. The 35mph wind is still thumping the bus so it looks like we will get rocked to sleep.

Tomorrow's plan is to head to Topeka, KS. The casino has a campsites and a golf course. Maybe we'll get one or two games in, fingers crossed for the weather! If not, we'll go spin the wheels.

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