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One of the tunnels that go through the mountains



























Opennings for the 1 1/2 mile long tunnel through the mountain











Up ahead, right side of the road caved in, we were down...






Another air vent, and in this one you can see the steel...

Part of long road down with switchbacks







Deer off the road


Welcome Certer on the way in other entrance

We have been to Zion in the past entering from the south, and going to the end. This time I wanted to go through the arches on the road to the east entrance, and I wanted to go through the two tunnels, but wasn't expecting that the long tunnel was about 2 miles long, and extreme dark with no interior lights. There were about 4 or five openings along the way for fresh air.. Another thing about this tunnel is that it curved inside the mountain, and definitely not even 11 ft. in height in places.

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