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Week 28 3/25-31

Monday 3/25

The boss has been looking to hire a fulltime employee for a while. Well, he finally found someone and he started today. This is someone local for a permanent position.

Tuesday 3/26

We went shopping today along with a stop at the Salvation Army.

I have plans to do some sightseeing on my own this week and there is a restaurant near some of the places I want to go. However, we decided to go out early and have breakfast there today. It is called the Moondog Café. Margie had the Moondog Burger with fries. I had the shrimp benedict and a mimosa. This receipt only recommended a 20% tip for $8.65 or 22% for $9.52. I left a $5 tip. I’m not playing their game.

Wednesday 3/27

I went into Key West to be a tourist today. I went to Ernest Hemingway’s house in Cuba so I figured I should go to the one in Key West, also. Then I went across the street to tour the Key West lighthouse. Then I took the Duval loop bus to go through the Mel Fisher museum. Mel Fisher was a shipwreck treasure hunter. Then I walked to the Truman Little Whitehouse and toured that.

When I first got into Key West I went to check on another restaurant I was planning to go to for lunch. In the process of getting to it I went down a narrow street and got to a three way intersection. Straight ahead was a sign that said wrong way do not enter. To my right was a sign a work crew had put up that said local traffic only. How stupid do you have to be to basically close the only street people could take? I only had two options and one was a wrong way and the other was closed for road work. I hate stupidity.

I heard that Key West used to be called Bone Island because of the bones found on the beaches. Now the Bone Island burger that Margie had makes sense. After Hemingway’s House and the lighthouse I walked to the restaurant and found out that it didn’t open until 5PM. So that was when I used the bus. After the other museums and stuff I rode the bus back to near the restaurant and found out it was full and there were no openings in the reservations for a while. So, I ended up going to D.J.s Crab Shack to eat. I had heard of it and it was recently featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. I got the overstuffed lobster roll which was $33 and it was definitely overstuffed.

Thursday 3/28

Well, we didn’t win anything in the lottery.

I found out today that one of our renters had been in the hospital for five days. I was talking to him and found out that he was opening a package of squid for bait and got a minor paper cut. He took out the squid and fished all day and that night he had a pain in his hand so bad he went to the hospital. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt and while waiting in the hospital his wife put her had on his arm and he felt intense pain. He rolled up his sleeve and found a wide red line going all the way up his arm. A red line going up the arm is an indication of a bad infection moving through the blood stream. They then had him on antibiotics intravenously for the five days. They had to cut into his thumb to get to the infection and relieve the swelling. All from a paper cut. He was pretty shaky and wasn’t capable of driving his RV. So, they contacted an employee of theirs who was flying down to drive it home for them. He said the resort had managed to extend their stay a couple of days but they were still leaving a couple of days early.

Friday 3/29

The part time worker invited us to her house for dinner next week. She had originally said that her husband made really good shrimp and grits but then she changed it to a Honeybaked Ham they had received.

She told us that when she held out for more money she told them that many employers in Key West were paying more than $14 an hour and giving hiring bonuses.

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