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Flight to Bangkok today. Everyone said we had to be at the airport 3 hours before departure. I had heard the same thing when we were in India and this had proven to be true so we arrived 3 hours before departure. Breezed through check in and quickly through immigration so plenty of time to have something to eat, have a coffee and do some reading. With about an hour to go the notice came up to move into the actual departure area.

This is when it became interesting. There were separate lines for men and women to go through security. The men's line had about 50 in it, the women's line had about 2, but there was no way they would let men go in the other line, there was no body searches or anything, just putting your hand luggage through the x ray, and watch, wallet, coat, belt, shoes...

So when I get through the xray stage I walk to security guy to show boarding pass. No, your boarding pass needs a stamp on it. Wander back to xray guy, show him my boarding pass and he puts a stamp on it, no checking just stamps it.

Then we enter the area of chaos. Seems just about every flight is delayed due to "High traffic". I've been watching the runway and it would be les than one arrival every 10 minutes. To add interest none of the monitors were being updated, there was no info on any of the current flights, standing room only, little air conditioning and announcements that no one could understand. I found a spot near a security guy and he had the door to air side open so there was a nice breeze. I stood there and watched a couple of hundred people stare at the monitor that didn't change for 2 hours.

Eventually spotted some Thai air ground staff, followed them to a gate, and that is how we found our departure gate.

So eventually boarded our flight. We have booked into a 5 star place in Bangkok, but luckily I had thought to book our first night in another hotel nearby, that way I didnt waste our first day when we arrived in the evening. This hotel was also quite good with plenty of eating places around. Found one nearby for a quick bite and then settled in.

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