2019 Delmarva Shakedown travel blog

Road into Roaring Point Campground

Winnie at Site #24

View from our site

Winnie from above

Fishing at Roaring Point - catfish

Sunset at Nanticoke Harbor

Sun setting on the Chesapeake

Sunset at Roaring Point

Cresent moon setting

Night on the Chesapeake Bay

Selfie from the drone

Sunset on Windsor Creek from the drone

Aerial view of the Windsor Creek salt marsh

Nothing happened at Roaring Point. It's at the end of the road in Nanticoke, MD. If you're not fishing, you'll be wishing your fishing. Stripers (rock fish) are running, but you can't keep them because it spawning season. Since we're not fishing, we were relaxing and taking pictures. I actually got to fly my drone for the first time since I got it at Christmas. I was surprised at the quality of the video and the still images. I still have a lot to learn about piloting it. I wound up crashing it into some power lines along the edge of a marsh as I was landing it. The battery was running low and it was returning to the start point automatically and flew right through the power lines overhead. Luckily no damage to the drone or the power lines. I learned not to fly near power lines. I did get a couple of decent pictures from the drone that I'm posting, but won't be posting any video because the files are too big.

We did a little driving around the area yesterday and wound up in Salisbury. After eating dinner, I set Nanticoke as the destination in the GPS. It said we were 16 miles away and it would take about 20 minutes to get there. It seemed strange because we drove way more than 16 miles to get to Salisbury. Along the way we saw some signs for a ferry, but we had seen them several times on the ride earlier without ever seeing the ferry. This time we did. The road the GPS took us on led to the ferry landing to cross the Nanticoke River. It's only about a quarter mile to the other side of the river, but the problem was that we arrived about 6:30 and the ferry closes at 6:00. We had to drive all the way to where there was a bridge to cross the river and the trip back to Winnie went from 20 minutes to over an hour. I guess I should have added ferries to the avoidances on the GPS, now it is.

We'll be heading down to the lower DelMarVa peninsula tomorrow to the Cape Charles area. I hope there is more to do in that area. Stay tuned.

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