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A few weeks ago, Halsey, my favorite artist started putting it out on social media that she had worked on a song with someone and it was going to come out. The song is called “11 Minutes” and when it came out I obviously listened to it a million times. The song was written by Yungblud, who I had never heard of, and featured Halsey and Travis Barker (who was the drummer for Blink 182). The song tells the modern day tragedy about a couple who were high school sweethearts, broke up, but after years apart they finally realize that they are meant to be together. The tragedy comes in when the couple finally agrees to meet, she texts him and says that she’s 11 minutes away and ends up getting killed in a car crash and they never see each other. Although the story is dark I thought it was really poetic and loved the song.

Since I had never heard of Yungblud I did some digging into his music. He is a punk rock/ rock n’ roll musician from the UK. I thought his songs were awesome so just for fun I looked up when his concerts were to see if he was ever going to the states. Turns out, he was coming to DUBLIN — like two weeks from when I was looking. Tickets were only $15 so I bought them right then and there. I figured I could find someone to go with me. After asking everyone I knew at school, for whatever reason, no one wanted to go with me. I was a little apprehensive about going alone but my friends told me they would meet me in the city and we could all go back to Maynooth together. For the weeks going up to the concert he’s all I listened to.

My BC class was canceled the day of the concert because so many students had break so I went back to my room after class, got into all the black clothing I have, and hopped on the train to get into the city. I walked 30 minutes to get to the concert venue and it was super cold. I was going to wait outside for like two hours because I knew how small the venue was and I wanted to be up front. While in line, I met several Irish girls, some of whom also came to the concert alone!

One of the girls I was with asked me if the girl with the wrist bands had been around yet. I said no and asked what they were for. She said that the first 100 people get to meet him but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Finally, the girl got to me and I was number 59!!!! I still wasn’t 100% sure though about if we got to meet him or not so I still kept my cool. They started letting us in the door and the venue was super tiny. There wasn’t any space between the stage and the audience and the whole place could only fit like 200 people. But he was right there on the floor!!!!!!

When the person in front of me hugged him I got so excited and he winked at me!! When I walked up to him he gave me a hug and called me love and I thought I was going to faint. I showed him that I was wearing Halsey’s shirt and he got all excited. He signed a little piece of paper for me and then I met back up with the girls I was in line with. I was sooooo excited and happy.

I got right in the second row right in the middle. His concert was unreal. Honestly the best concert I’ve ever been to. He is a totally rocker and really connects with his fans. I was so close I could touch him! His songs were so good and everyone there is a true fan and was singing along and it was just awesome. At one point he put his guitar onto the crowd and I strummed it!!! And I sang along to every song.

To make sure I caught the last bus/ train I left a little early but it was still so amazing. When I was waiting for the bus I didn’t realize that you have to flag the buses down or they won’t stop so it drove right by me oops. So I taxied to the train station and then met my friends there and we all headed back together.

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