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Relaxing and reading

So we have now been here over 5 months and have settled into a regular pattern. We have had issues with Barry's portable oxygen machine and so we have been reluctant to do any more day long or long distance trips. We want to be sure that the portable machine makes it home. The cost to get home if the portable breaks will be 1000.00 extra for the airline to provide him with oxygen. It seems excessive however there is not much we can do other than hope that his machine makes it.


So I have over the months learned a little about buses in this country. There are several types. There is the Gorgona bus which travels around Gorgona and will go to the highway but no further. The cost to ride the bus from anywhere in Gorgona to the highway is 35 cents. The first picture is the Gorgona bus. All the buses have a swamper. The swamper jumps off and helps people on and off the bus. Im told he also collects the fair. There seems to be no schedule and people just stand on the road and wait.

The next type of Bus is the bus that goes between two communities on the highway. For instance from Farallon to Penenome. Those buses can be the same size as the Gorgona bus or it can be larger. I have noticed recently that when the bus is approaching a bus stop it will flick its lights on and off to advise the people at the stop that there is room. If someone wants to get on the bus they raise and arm and the bus stops. These buses also seem to have a swamper.

THe next is the bus that goes longer distance, for instance from Coronado to Penennome or to Santiago. Those buses are bigger. They also will pick up people on the side of the highway. As the bus approaches again they flick their lights. Then there is the bus that goes from Panama City to David. That is usually a large coach bus. They also will stop on the side of the road to pick up people but will not drop people off unless it is a scheduled city or regular stop. The cost to go by bus across the country is 35.00.


As we enter April Barry and I think more often of home. I think we are both ready to head home. THis time because of the length it did not seem like a vacation because it was so long. It just became our life... This is probably why I had trouble posting.

We miss our cats terribly but have some comfort in the cat and dogs here who are constantly following us around or waiting to be pet, or entertaining us by being animals. And how does a Frog get onto our balcony? they must crawl up the building...

This trip I read more books then I have read in the last 10 years. There is a book exchange which makes it easy to do.

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