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Pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian Crossing

double plant tree

Close up

another tree

close up


We headed down to Bugaba where we stayed most of last year and the year before. We were off to visit our friends Cliff and Yvonne. We also wanted to visit Las Olas and update our car plates. I was hoping to do some cross border shopping in Costa Rica but this was not possible on this trip. All the more reason to come back again next year.

The drive from Gorgona to Las Olas is 6 hours on divided highway. It is a nice drive, better after you have gotten past Santiago which is the half way point. The pavement between Coronado and Santiago is not very smooth and has many pot holes. A friend of ours hit one and it cost him 300 on the rental to have it fixed. One thing for sure is that you need to pay close attention and not follow anyone too closely otherwise the holes sneak up on you. It is not unusual to see a pot hole 6 inches deep and 11 long.

Other than that the drive is beautiful. Las Olas is also on the Pacific.

The panorama sometimes reminds me of Grand Forks BC, Other times it reminds me of driving near Kamloops, and sometimes even reminds me of the country side of the Chek republic.

The only difference is occasionally in the interior your see Palm trees and different fauna.

As you can see from the first 8 pictures the highway is almost deserted. Really hard not to put your foot into the speed.

The other odd thing is the speed limit. It is rarely 100 km. For the most part it is 80 and often goes down to 60 for short stints, like a Kilometer or two.

Generally the speed limit goes down where there is likely to be pedestrian traffic or buses leaving and entering the highway. There is generally an pedestrian overpass but not always. You can see from picture 9 in what appears to be the middle of nowhere there is a pedestrian crossing and a bus stop. Obviously there is a town or village near by however you cannot see it from the highway.

Near the end of the pictures there are some trees. If you look close you will see a light green plant growing.I have enlarged it so you can see. We have been told that the birds eat the seeds for the plant and when they poop the plant grows where they pooped.

The last picture in the road trip is a hay stack. We have driven by this stack at least 6 times over the last two years and never remembered where we needed to slow down to take the picture. This time we finally got it.

The pictures from the Las Olas resort will be on the next post.

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