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Bus to Granada

Bus Rest Stop

View from the bus

Street Door to our Apartment

Elevator Door in the Apartment

Frank’s Office

One of 2 Terraces

View from second terrace

Mexican Restaurant

April 5 - Travel to Granada

Yesterday we had arranged with the reception staff to have a taxi pick us up at 10:30am for our 11:15 bus to Granada. There is no direct train from Madrid to Granada so it would require a transfer plus take a little longer than the bus. Having saving our packing until the morning, we packed, had breakfast and were in the lobby by 10:20. The car service (not a taxi) picked us up at 10:30 and the only way to go is the one way street with construction - 15 minutes to go two blocks! We arrived at the bus station (a huge place, that resembles an airport boarding area) and waited about 5 minutes before boarding one of two buses going to Granada at the same time. It is a five hour bus ride with entertainment (you provide your own ear pieces) in Spanish. Judi and I both did a little reading and napped! At about half way (2.5 hours) we stopped for 30 minutes at a rest stop - it was great to get out, stretch our legs, use the restroom facilities and grab a sandwich.

Back on the bus we drove through rain and also some pretty farm country before seeing some snow capped mountains before arriving at the Granada bus station. A quick taxi ride to our pent house apartment. Frank met us to let us in and show us around. One needs a key in the elevator to go to the apartment - the elevator opens directly into the apartment - a first for both of us! It is a lovely two bedroom, two bath apartment with two terraces! Views from both!

Having scoped out our digs we went hunting for food for the apartment and checking out the neighborhood! After unpacking and getting organized we went looking for Mexican food (it is Friday)! Using the phone GPS, we arrived at our destination Cantina Mejicana in about 8 minutes. After a lovely Mexican meal, we returned to the pent house and crashed! jc

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