The welcome sign on the drive into the Rianbow Park

The grounds here are nice and welcoming

Pull upto the park office and sign in, this is the time...

We’re assigned to a space, the finger indicates where.

A short time later were all setup, we’ll be here for two...

The famous Trolley!

Take the Trolley tours on tuesdays or thursdays

We added TEXAS to our traveling map !

A new modern Russian made URAL

They stopped by for us to check it out

When we left Bayou Teche Brewery we turned north on US Hwy 190 and headed the 253 miles to Livingston, Texas and the headquarters of Escapees RV Club. Escapees or SKP’s as they’re affectionately known is our main RV club as we have them handle our mail and mail forwarding, our Texas legal domicile is here, our vehicles are registered here and much more. We encourage others coming to the road to join Escapees, if not, for any other reason than just to get the bi-monthly magazine, as it is THE BEST RV magazine in the universe ! !

When we checked in to the park, we needed the information sheet giving us the directions to the the Dept of Public Safety (drivers license) place and the county tax office. The process has changed a little since we did it about 11 years ago.

The reason we are here is to register our vehicles in TEXAS. Thus, maintaining our legal domicile here. Since we’ve changed RV’s and towed vehicles, which were originally registered in Arizona, we wanted/needed to register them in Texas AND we needed to get our drivers licenses renewed. As an example of the different costs from state to state. Arizona charged us a little over $1800 last year to renew the Tiffin license plate, Texas will charge us about $470. Our initial fees bringing the Tiffin to Texas will include the difference in sales taxes as well. We paid sales tax in Arizona of 5.8%, Polk county is 6.2% so we paid the difference of .4%, about $900 to transfer to Texas. Some states call it a usury fee/tax. But it’s only painful once when you transfer registration. We went through the same process registering the Honda. All in all, initial registering both vehicles in Texas costs us less than one year in Arizona for just one vehicle! And, from here on out it’ll be cheaper yet. Also, for us who travel the byways, renewing regestration in Texas is a breeze if it’s done on-line, just check the block that asks if you’re out of state at the time, then the computer will tell you to get the vehicle inspected as soon as you return to the state.

Insurance is slightly less here, but then, we all know there’s much collusion in that industry keeping costs too high. That’s my opinion anyway.

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