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I slept soundly and when I woke this morning it was already a few minutes after 8:00 AM. Marilyn & I shared our morning coffee as we discussed the variety of things we needed to do today. The RV was in a very untidy condition to put it as nicely as I can. Marilyn & I have been taking “sink baths” for nearly two weeks as we have been without sewer connections. Therefore we were also in a very untidy condition. The car was filthy dirty with the red dirt and mud from passing through construction areas.

Marilyn began cleaning inside the RV, the plants were placed outdoors, things were arranged in a much neater manner, and dishes were washed, dried, and put away. While she was doing that, I connected the sewer hose, set the empty propane tank out to be filled, and took the truck to be filled.

By the time I returned with the truck Marilyn was ready to take her shower so I took her car and ran it through a car wash. When I returned this time she was finished with the shower and was getting dressed. I was next and that shower felt so good. I dressed in clean clothing and then went to the BBQ place next to the RV Resort and brought lunch back for each of us.

After lunch we completed a number of small chores and then sat outdoors waiting for John & Lori to arrive. When our friends arrived we all sat together at the picnic table on our patio, just visiting, laughing and talking. John noticed an RV just arriving and said “Those people were in Retama!”

Sure enough they had been in the same resort, although they actually stayed next door at Bentsen Palms Village. Mike & Deb plan to return to the Rio Grande Valley next fall.

Marilyn & I rode with John & Lori to have dinner with Dave & Kim and Rhonda. (Sam didn’t make it to be with us)

After dinner we said goodbye to our friends by exchanging hugs. John & Lori delivered us back to our Resort and we hugged these good friends and expressed hopes that we might see them again before too long.

Tomorrow we will be heading “home” to Hannibal. Life is Good!

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