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A cloudy start near Willow, California

Lake Shasta is full!

The forest is burnt here from last summers fires

All parked at 7 Feathers in Oregon

We were up and on the road by 0830 this morning. It is cloudy and about 50 degrees, so no more shorts for me. We both have on long pants and long sleeves, with the rain coats hanging near by.

It didn't take long for the rain to hit us, so no bugs or butterflies today. Mostly just a drizzle, enough to be irritating. Lots of up and down as we drove through the mountains. Lots of swapping lanes with the big trucks. We pass them on the way up and they pass us on the way down. It was hard to see the scenery in the drizzly haze. But we did notice the remnants of last summers fires in northern California. So sad to see all those pretty trees turned into black sticks.

We arrived at 7 feathers about 14:30 but we had to top off with fuel and then wait in line for about 15 minutes just to check in. So we were parked by 15:00 and it had stopped raining, so Zoey and I had a nice walk. She loves to smell the showers and the laundry rooms. I know, its weird. She just loves the smell of soap! Last night I washed my hair and Zoey jumped into the shower when I was done and chased down all the water drips. She cracks me up!

One more day on the road and we'll be home! Thank you for your prayers for us!

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