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Orange grove Rv park in the evacuation mode

The truck stop in Lodi, Spike is about the 4th one over

This is what the inside of the Rv looks...rigged for travel..looking aft.

A happy Miss Zoey, dreaming of grass beside Spikes seat.

Last night we went to sleep with the smell of orange blossoms coming through our window. smelled so nice. We got underway this morning at 0815, with lots of other RVers at the Orange grove RV park. It is nice and sunny this morning, and it is about 62 degrees. But we think it might be the last day for wearing shorts as they are predicting rain by this afternoon. I pulled out our rain coats and hung them in the shower just in case.( Otherwise, if we needed them we would have to open the slide to retrieve them. Better to plan ahead!)

The yellow butterflies are back again today, among other types of bugs. In 20 minutes of travel we had 12 icky looking yellow blobs on the clean windshield. It would get worse as the day progressed. Perhaps we are in the middle of the butterfly migration cycle?

Traffic seems much lighter today than yesterday. That is always a blessing. There was not much wind this morning but as we traveled up the state we hit some windy areas. We had just pulled out of the Buttonwillow rest area and we got hit with a 30 mph gust of wind. It moved us over a bit, thankfully we were in the slow lane. Spike recovered nicely and said it was almost like wind shear. He said "you should have seen that 40 footer behind us move."

Stockton and Sacramento are big cities that have a lot of lanes and a lot of traffic. But today it was pretty light, so we are thankful. It has been threatening to rain this afternoon which usually would be no problem but we have at least 30 butterfly blobs, and at least 100 other bugs on the windshield. If we need to run the wipers it will be a really ugly mess! I'm not sure we have enough windshield cleaner in the tank to clean it! Can my husband see through "butterfly smear"?

We stopped in Lodi to get fuel at the flying J truck stop. What a nice truck stop with at least 10 lanes to get fuel. They also have RV lanes but they were really busy so we lined up with the big boys. We were able to drive right in and start fueling. And best part of all was that they have long squeegees on a stick so you can clean your windshield while you fuel. Spike was able to get all those bugs cleaned off. Good thing, as it has started to rain.

We pulled into Rolling hills Rv park at 16:15. It has been raining for awhile and now its getting worse, thunder, and a deluge of rain. Plus the TV news says we are having tornado warnings. Oh joy!

Miss Zoey is in a happy mood. She got to be on actual grass twice today. Once in Buttonwillow and at the truck stop. She is smiling her doggy smile. She is such a good traveler. Spikey trained her well.

Sorry no pictures of this Rv park due to all the rain. You can see the rain anytime!

Tomorrow we will be heading up over the mountains and will end up at the Seven feathers Rv park in Canyonville, Oregon. Looks like it will be raining some and much cooler than what we are used too. We will have to drag out our long pants and sweaters. Thank you all for your prayers for us. We feel them, and are blessed by them!

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