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April 1 Travel to Madrid

This morning we busily packed, cleaned out the refrigerator as we needed to be out of the apartment by 10:30. After several attempts to call a taxi (some did not speak English, I don’t speak Spanish and one call to some place other than Barcelona) I gave up and called Maria (agent for the apartment rental company). The taxi was right on time and delivered us to the train station for our 3 hour ride to Madrid. Hailing a taxi to our apartment for the next four nights we relaxed on the train. Another taxi ride from the Madrid train station to our apartment. We thought we had rented a two bedroom, two bath apartment but they gave us keys for a one bed, one bath so after all was said and done we ended up with a three bed, two bath on the second floor as opposed to the 5th floor - a little more expensive and not as nice of a view but more space! It’s perfect! After settling in we shopped for a few groceries and wine and checked out the neighborhood! For dinner, which of course isn’t until 8pm or later, we checked out Mercado San Miguel, a stand alone food court selling tapas, drink, desserts and most any food item you want. It was very crowded so we wandered a little further down the street for tapas and wine - calamari, mushrooms, small lamb chops and of course small bites of ham! Then it was time to retire and rest for tomorrow’s adventures! jc

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