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"Our" House

The back

More of the back

Christine at the house

Living and Dining Room

Irellan at the table on the deck

Christine next to Irellan

Deck along the front of the house

We were up early and did the last tidying up before heading to the airport. We dropped everyone and the luggage at the terminal and David and I returned the vans to the rental company. There was no problem and we were soon paid up and on our way. We got the shuttle to the terminal where everyone was in line, but the counter was not open. The staff soon came and we checked in.

We got settled into the departure lounge and some went to get some food and other last minute purchases. We were alerted that the plane would be 40 minutes late, so Christine and Fiona headed off to the shops. Soon after we were told it was now on time. David texted Fiona and they hurried back to us. Christine is getting quite the expert at running through airport terminals!

We were boarded and the plane took off about 10 minutes early. It was generally a smooth flight with just a little turbulence halfway across the Pacific. We landed about 45 minutes ahead o schedule. Quite a difference from the outbound experience.

David and Dawn were picked up by Dawn's brother, Dave and Darcy, Fiona and the grand kids by Jordinn and her boyfriend, Andrew. I caught the shuttle to the parking lot and collected the car, returning to the terminal to collect Christine and Nan. We headed for home, collecting milk on the way. We were home by midnight.

So ends another wonderful vacation. The main complaint of this one was that it was too short.

Till next time...goodbye!

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