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We were in “relax” mode today and slept late. We were waiting for our new wheel bearing to arrive. Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast of ham, eggs, onions, and green peppers all mixed together. Having breakfast at 10:00 in the morning makes it easy to forget about another meal until sometime after 4:00 PM.

We were outside our RV when Alicia waved and told us that friends we had met in the RGV were here. They had asked Alicia if we were here because they saw our truck. I walked over to a new RV our friends were looking at and invited them to go eat fish with us. They declined the invitation but chatted for a few minutes before I left to get Marilyn for the drive to “Simon’s Catch” for fried catfish.

We enjoyed a fine meal of catfish, fries, coleslaw, beans, hush puppies, pickles, onion, lemon slices, and tartar sauce. Did I mention that it was an “All you can eat” sort of thing? LOL

Marilyn & I were so relaxed and content that we missed our exit and had to drive to the next one to turn around. When we were back at the RV we changed into our comfy clothes and turned the TV on to watch MASH.

The new wheel bearing arrived and will be pressed on tomorrow morning. Then we’ll have the RV ready for the road. However we will remain here for one more night and leave for Topeka on Sunday morning. Life is Good!

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