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Irellan and David at Ulua Beach

Dawn & Nan at Ulua Beach

Irellan Snorkelling

Hunter Snorkelling

A Sea Turtle

View from Gannon's Restaurant

Everyone at Gannon's Restaurant

Well today is the big day. Fifty years ago we "tied the knot" in Perth, Scotland. We have survived each others' company and enjoyed many experiences. It has been a privilege for me to share half a century with Christine as she has looked after me so well.

We received a couple of congratulatory emails and the good wishes of our family.

The one disappointment was that when we rose, we discovered the Fiona and Darcy had taken Kooper to a medicentre. He was not himself yesterday and had spent a restless night. The doctors diagnosed a respiratory infection and prescribed antibiotics. He sponte the day on the couch and Darcy stayed home with him.

David and Dawn had also been up early and played nine holes of golf by the time we finished breakfast. We then packed up and headed off to Ulua Beach that had a reputation for good snorkelling. We had difficulty parking and eventually David and I dropped everyone at the beach and took the vans in search of a parking spot and eventually went back to the shops we had been to on Wednesday. We walked through the lot and round a couple of resorts to the beach where we met up with the crew.

We had a good day, swimming and snorkelling, but were disappointed in the lack of fish and wildlife that the publicity had promised. A large turtle was spotted, however and captured for posterity by camera.

We recovered the cars and Christine, Nan and I stayed at the mall for Christine to make a purchase and Nan and I to get an ice cream.

We returned home to find Kooper a little better. We all got ready and set off for the restaurant at a nearby golf club. By the time we arrived there Kooper seemed a lot better although he did not eat much, he seemed to enjoy what he had and participated in the conversation.

We had a lovely meal, exchanged gifts and reminisced. The staff were attentive and we all enjoyed both the meal and the setting. We returned home and set about the unwelcome but necessary task of packing.

Tomorrow we head to the airport, return the vans and fly home.

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