Columbia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands 2019 travel blog

Marine Iguana

Mom and pup

Flamingos feeding

We had a smooth flight from San Cristobal to Santa Isabella. We find this island has less infrastructure even though it is bigger. Few roads are paved. There is no ATM. Things seem more expensive here. There are lots of seals and marine lizards.

The marine lizards are smaller than I thought they were. The biggest we have seen is approximately 3 feet including the tail. They stand 6 to 8 inches high....and ignore people. They scale the walkway through the mangroves to sun themselves. They also cross the beach to go to a freshwater lagoon.

We walked to a beach at the end of the trail through the mangroves. Gord went snorkeling but the water was too deep for me.

We also went swimming on a sandy beach that had seals and their pups sitting in the shade of trees. They sprawled on all the benches. A whiskery seal came in with the tide and body surfed rollong withh the waves. A mother took her pup down to the edge of the water to roll in the surf. After they went back up on the beach. After protesting loudly she rolled over and let the pup suckle.

We caught the local bus back to our hotel as it was now the hottest part of the day.

We booked a tour to Las Tunneles and our ferry off the island. Then we took a taxi to the hinterlands to find flamingos. There were none so we headed back to town. On the way we stopped at another lagoon with a walkway. Just through the bushes we found 3 marine lizards...small ones...and a little further on pink flamingos. We saw ducks and a great blue heron.

We had met a couple from Edmonton on the plane and talked. Here they were on the wooden pathway.

We walked back, crossed the road, and along the beach towards town. We stopped at a crowded beach bar for a drink and met Barbara from Salem. She is on holidays after teaching English as a second language in Ecuador. Shortly she will head to Rio Bamba to apply to teach there. She is travelling by herself.

It was after 5p when we headed away from the beach and home to freshen up for dinner. We looked at several restaurants, chose one and had an excellent meal. We then went for a walk around town. After we settled for the night.

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