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Marilyn & I slept in this morning knowing that we had at least another day waiting for a new wheel bearing to arrive. It was around 8:00 and Marilyn had started a fresh pot of coffee brewing while I checked my phone. I remained dressed in my PJ’s and was surprised to hear Marilyn say that we had no water in the toilet. The sinks had water so it was a puzzle.

I slipped my shoes on and went outdoors to see what I could and one of the crew was walking by. He asked if things were ok and I explained about the lack of water to the toilet. He immediately came inside, made a few checks, and left to retrieve a new part.

Within the next 30 minutes the faulty valve had been replaced and we were once again “Happy Campers”.

We completed the usual morning chores, finished the coffee, and were ready to take our computers to the office where we could have Wi-Fi service.

It was around 1:00 when we decided to drive out to “Simon’s Catch” for lunch. You will be happy to know that my reputation remains intact because the place was closed. We were told that they open at 5:00 PM and we should return for Catfish.

It was a few minutes after 2:00 when we decided to have lunch at the “Western Sizzlin”. The lunch was fine and we returned to our RV all fat and happy.

Maybe we’ll have Catfish for dinner tomorrow but we aren’t sure when we will be able to leave. It really is ok because Life is Good!

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