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Entrance to Twin Falls

Darcy and the kids at Twin Falls

Twin Falls

In Goes Darcy

And Darcy

And Hunter off the Tree

Food Stand at the ENtrance

Surfing Beach

Surfing Beach

Turtle at the Surfing Beach

A Surfer


Rocks and Surf

Rocks and surf


Watching the Sun Set

Christine and Iain atSunset

Sun Set

David prepared a pancake breakfast this morning which everyone enjoyed. We then prepared a picnic, packed the vans and set off for the Road to Hana. It was another beautiful day. We stopped at the Twin Falls which were very busy but we eventually found parking places and walked up to the falls. Darcy, Hunter and Irellan jumped off the cliff into the water at the base of the falls. Christine and Fiona settled in under the shade of a tree and the rest of us went up to the upper falls where the same three again jumped into the water. We left them there and went back to join Christine and Fiona. Everyone soon gathered and we walked back to the entrance where we tasted a variety of produce - sugar cane, coconut juice straight from the coconut and pineapple and banana popsicles.

We headed to a beach we had passed where there were many surfers. We watched them then had the picnic we had brought. It was a lovely beach with high waves. The experts among us said the waves were too high for them. The waves were crashing on the rocks along from the beach where they had been beaten to various shapes over the years.

We stopped at Costco, near to the airport and made a few purchases before heading for home. We settled in and read, sorted and admired the day's photos then prepared dinner. We hurried through dinner and went across the road and down a path to the ocean where we watched the sun go down. We were joined by a local couple who said the view of the sunset never grew old. They enjoyed it as often as they could. We were fortunate to see a pod of whales out to sea blowing and breaching.

We returned home and had coffee before settling in for the night.

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