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Shops at Weilea Mall

Ice Cream at the Mall

"Our House"

Back of the house

Back yard

Dining room from the living room

We had a more relaxing day today. David and Dawn were up early and went to the pool for a swim. The rest of us relaxed over breakfast. When David and Dawn returned Darcy, Fiona and the children left for a beach to meet Kooper's coach and his family. The rest of us got ready and headed for a high class mall near where we attended the luau last night. Darcy and Fiona and the children joined us. We looked around a bit then had sandwiches at a store in the mall.

We looked around further then had ice cream. We walked around some more, browsing the stores. We all gathered and headed for home, via one of the properties owned by the company that Fiona works for.

Hunter, Kooper and I stayed at the house while the remainder went grocery shopping for a few things we need.

When the shoppers returned dinner was prepared after which we sat around and talked till it was bed time.

It was a much needed rest day to recover from tiring activities exacerbated by sunburn.

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