2019 Ecuador Trip travel blog

Isabel and Luca

Went down to the dining room for breakfast at 7:30am. Miryam told me we could go to the shop to learn how to make Panama hat at 9:30am. I asked to go at 10:30am because I would like to go to the Pumapungo Museum to buy a rock-climbing guide book in Ecuador for Eric. According to some travel guide book it is only sold in their store. I walked towards it. Normally it takes about minutes along the trail by the river. When I got very close, I had to shift to city street. I saw a group of people were standing by the road and talking. I took a step onto the street to go around them. I did not know what happened, I lost my balance and fail onto the ground hard. A couple of people came to help me. It took me a while to get up and I felt pain on my ankle of my right foot. I rested for a few minutes and walked towards the museum. It was painful and could not bear weight. I limped slowly and reached the museum. The museum was open but the store was not until 10:00am. I went inside to visit. It is a museum built next to an archaeological site and very nicely done. Here I heard a couple of people talking in Chinese. I said “ni hao”. We chatted for a while. They are provincial government people from Shandong province. I asked if they are in Ecuador for business or travel. They said they are there for business. They have invested in a gold mine. I was surprised to learn that Ecuador has gold. They said it is a very good mine. We bid goodbye. The store was open then. I went inside and asked the staff for the book. She said they do not carry books and suggested I try Libro Mundo (book world) in downtown. I rode a taxi there and did not find the book either. Took another taxi back to the house. By this time my foot had swollen up and could not bear weight more. I had to tell Miryam that I could not go to the shop to learn Panama hat making. She gave me some cream to put on that smelled like Chinese Tiger balm. She said it is made in Ecuador and has more medicine than Tiger balm. It did feel cool once it is rubbed in. She also gave me an ice pack.

By 12:30pm I took a taxi to the airport. Miryam helped me carry all my luggage downstairs into the taxi. At the airport I had lunch with Shrimp Ceviche. After one hour we landed at Quito. After got my luggage I went outside to wait for Sophia. She came at 4:30pm and surprised to see me limping. I told her what had happened and said I think it is fortunate that this happened after I visited all the places. After we got to her house, she gave me ice pack and a surprise gift from her daughter and husband. Isabel wrote me a letter to ask me to visit my Ecuadorian family again in the future and her dad gave me a book about Quito. It is the nicest thing I got from this trip. Unfortunately, I could not carry this big heavy book back home. I have to leave it tomorrow at their house. I rested on the sofa of the outdoor living room. At 7:00pm Sophia called me for dinner. She made a delicious soup, salad and a tuna yuca casserole. Her husband Francisco came back home and joined us for dinner. I asked him many questions about life in Ecuador. We all had a good time.

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