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Birthday & Anniversary Party

Can-Am Golf Tournament - getting ready

Can-Am Golf Tournament - putting contest

Can-Am Golf Tournament - we are off!

Can-Am Golf Tournament - Riverside Restaurant

Pegs & Jokers

Working in the Kitchen

Milly's Birthday Party

Milly's Birthday Party

Quilt Show

Quilt Show

Rock Club Banquet

Rock Club Banquet - group

Working at the Valentine's Dinner & Dance

Out for breakfast - read Don's cup!

Shelly's team in the Park Tournament (Jack is from Regina)

Well when you keep busy time just flies by. It’s hard to believe almost 5 months has gone by already. We will be leaving the park on Monday, April 1st and heading pretty much straight home. Don will probably talk me into stopping at least once to golf and we will be stopping in at Ogema to visit Don’s Mom and sister. So the plan is to be home on the 4th or 5th.

So what have we done in the last 2 months:

In February we made another trip to Mexico (dentist) to get Shelly’s crown and hopefully there will be no more dental problems. The Rock Club held their annual show on February 2nd which was well attended. On February 10th we attended the Birthday & Anniversary Party for everyone who had one or the other in February, March and April and there were about 100 people there. Following that we attended a wine tasting party at Jim & Marge’s just a few doors down. On February 16th Karen and I celebrated our birthdays by going to our favourite Italian restaurant in Weslaco with Bruce & Diana, Karen & Don and Don and Shelly. Great food and fabulous desserts as usual and good times with good friends. On February 17th we played in the Can-Am Golf Tournament which was followed by a good meal at the Riverside Restaurant on the Rio Grande River. Unfortunately the Americans won but fun was had by all! February 23rd was our park quilt show (haven’t done much quilting this year). Shelly worked a lot in the kitchen because lots of banquets were happening. Most groups seem to request Chicken Cordon Bleu so Kathy did a lot of pounding of chicken and I breaded it.

March started out just as busy. March 1st was the annual Park Golf Tournament which was fun as usual. March 2nd we worked at the Vamo Golf Tournament again. It was a long hot day. We had to be there at 6am and weren’t done until about 6:30 but they feed us really good. On March 3 we won tickets to see the University of Rio Grande Ball game which we really enjoyed so much we went again with Bruce & Diana on March 8th. On March 9th we attended our B Street Party. It was almost 100F that day so we moved it into the hall and had a great time meeting everyone on our street.

On March 10th Don and I hosted a 90th birthday party for a wonderful lady from Illinois, Milly. Her birthday wasn’t until Mar 21st but she was leaving on the 14th so she could be home for her family’s party. We managed to surprise her and about 70 people attended. She is such a great lady but I’m not sure she will be down next year. Don also attended the Men’s yearend golf tournament which is 2 days. On the 2nd day he managed to get an eagle which was a Par 4 home in 2 strokes and ended up winning the tournament in his flight. He was some excited when he got home!!

So that is the highlights of March. The rest of the time has been spend golfing, cleaning the rest of the carpets, working at the Rock Club or kitchen, playing cards and starting to sort and pack for the trip home. Some people have left already. There is a lot of bad flooding in Nebraska and some other states so we have been checking our route home and adjusted it to make sure we can get through.

So the next few days will be spent packing and cleaning and a little cooking to use up the last of the food.

So take care and we will be home soon.

Shelly & Don

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