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Waiting for the big one

We are up

And so is Irellan

At the Grand Weilea

Grand Weilea Grounds

Another view of the grounds

Us at the Luau

Irellan Nan Christine and Fiona at sunset at the luau


Hula Dancers

Part of the performance

A Hula Dancer

More performers

And more dancers

One of the performers

A reenactment of a legend

Playing with fire

Fire juggler


Many of us were up early this morning. David & Dawn, Hunter Kooper and Irellan were going for surfing lessons and Darcy and Fiona went to watch. Nan Christine and I had a more leisurely breakfast. Fiona was to text us at to where they were, but she realized that the messages were not getting through, so she came back. Fiona had taken videos of them and we were all surprised at how well they were doing. Irellan got up on the first attempt. Nan was ready, so she and Fiona headed back to the surfing beach. Christine and I finished breakfast and set off to find them. We were concerned that we would have difficulty finding a parking spot, but in fact we were able to reverse into one right away. We walked over the grass and soon spotted Fiona and Nan. We joined them and watched the surfers for quite a while.

It was a lovely sunny day and the beach was busy with many people either being taught or practising. It was a very popular spot. We watched our party and some others as they attempted to "hang ten". Some attempts were more successful than others. After a while Fiona, Nan and I went back to the house to make up sandwiches for lunch. We got things together and we packed it up and returned to the beach. We had our picnic as people came and went into the water. The lessons allowed them o have the board for the rest of the day, Darcy joined them and was reasonably successful without having had the lessons. They all seemed to enjoy the experience and we enjoyed watching them.

We returned to the house and rested for a while before getting ready to go to a luau

We left about 3:30 p.m. and drove south to the Grand Wailea hotel where we handed over the vans for valet parking and walked a distance through the grounds to the site of the luau where we checked in and were assigned a table. We were free to walk the grounds for half an hour. The rounds are quite extensive and attractively landscaped as well as developed with pools, both for swimming and ornamentation. We sat in the hotel for a short time then went back to the luau grounds where we had the obligatory photo taken, offered drinks and then we were seated at a table close to the stage.

There was an introduction, followed by a buffet dinner, most of which was quite good, but the beef was not Alberta beef and quite tough. The show followed and was quite spectacular, with the usual hula dancers and warriors, but there were two fire acts which were well performed. One was a group who sat on the fire and walked through it. The other was a solo act where fire batons were twirled and juggled.

We all enjoyed the meal and the show. We returned to the hotel lobby where we were quickly reunited with our vehicles and returned to our temporary home where we settled in and reviewed the many photos and made plans for tomorrow. After a hard day of activity people went off to bed fairly early feeling very satisfied and happy with all that had been accomplished.

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