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luggage with me

It's a darn long trip to Stansted.

First getting to Toronto and muck about. Then a nice upgrade to just under business class tricks you into thinking that you can actually fold down the seat to rest - but alas - it's just a little illusion - the little bit of leg room is good but that's about all. Still can't sleep on the planes. And the "filet" steak was carved from a 50 year old bull.

Arriving in Heathrow - not much for information but finally found someone to give me directions to National Bus Depot to catch the bus to Stansted. The bus trip is quite restful - I slept most of the way.

On arriving at Stansted, I was stuck by how filthy the airport was. But I was able to get directions to the hotel - located within walking distance.

Then hotel had me wait for an hour to "free up a room" while they let in many other have rooms. I suspect it is because I booked my room through Expedia as the person working on the desk mentioned that at least twice. Sounds like you get a lower class of rooms. When I finally got to my alloted room - it had no electricity. (They figure we backcountry Canadians can live with a little hardship). But not Canucks who are tired and grumpy. So I stomped back to the desk, had a little hairy fit, and got a much nicer room.

Then I couldn't get my cell phone to open - wrong passwords....It shut me out for a few minutes and then for 5 minutes. And I'm thinking...maybe this is just one of those really shitty days when everything goes wrong. Or maybe I should just toss this phone. Pare down as it were. Go into Pilgrim mode. (A little calm and it was sorted out).

The weather here is a bit cool and windy.

Tomorrow I'm off to Biarritz France by Ryan Air and I stay in the Bayonnne Hotel near the train station which will lead me to Saint Jean Pied de Port the next day. Hope it's a better day.

Now I can't sleep so I'm going to get up and walk about in the dead of night and have a smoke. I'll be glad to get started on the walk where life is simple.

Love Pat

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