Note, the Mississippi is full up to the trees lining the river

Our setup in the parking lot.

Lookin good fresh off the road!

LA 31 is for State Highway 31 near here.

10 X 2000 gallons tanks plus 4 X 100 gallon tanks.

This is where we are...

The tap room, so many choices and only one evening!

Wonderful outside sitting area, bandstand and such.

Dave finds a curious sign, don’t do it! No! No!

This is the pizza restaurant, which wasn’t open... Ugh!

Official sign to keep waters clean...

The big tank outside...

We bought one of these to drink while writing this story, what...

We finally are able to add another state to our map!!! Yea!

Across the street, this is where they made their first 32 gallons...

I turned around and took a pic of the new brewery

The old brewery is now a partnership with Arts Coffee Roasters, which...

A last minute change in our schedule delivered a nice surprise. We decided the distance from Gulfport, MS to Livingston was too far to go in one day. So we looked to split it up. One of our best sources for just such trip extensions is Harvest Hosts. We checked our membership map for Louisiana and found a wonderful brewery right in our path! What Luck!!! And so this intermittent stop brings our mileage today to a reasonable 184! As it turns out, this brewery is 10 years old and has a wonderful All American Success story attached to it. We arrived about 2 in the afternoon and with the instruction to park anywhere in the lot, we did. We, of course, saved space for anyone else coming after us tonight. When we’re all set up we went to the tap room for a taste of their finest. We weren’t disappointed except, that the pizza bar isn’t open during the week! As we’re writing this article, we were visited by the father of the men who own and run the establishment. He was charming and related the interesting success story. The name sake for the brewery is Bayou Teche a true place about 15 miles north of here. Teche in the local Native American language means snake. The bayou runs its course to the Gulf of Mexico.

With this stop, we’re finally ale to add another state, Louisiana to our map! So, we clicked our bottles and shouted Prost!

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