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Baldwin House

Front Street

Under the banyan tree

Hunter Kooper Fiona Dacry & Irelland under the banyan tree

Christine Iain & Nan

Dawn & David


Pizza for lunch

More Pizza

Chinese Museum

We were up in stages again this morning and we had our breakfast as we rose. David and Dawn left to do some laps at a nearby pool. We packed the vehicles and set off for Lahaina, several miles to the north.

Christine and I had visited there four years ago off a cruise ship. We saw a parking lot as we entered the town, but after cruising round without finding a vacant spot we continued to the other end of town and found two spaces there.

We walked down to Front Street and browsed the stores. Trying to make progress with ten peoples with diverse interests proved difficult and both sympathized with and envied the tour guides who can command some degree of discipline in moving their charges around. Eventually we assembled at the Baldwin House, a museum dedicated to missionaries who had worked among the first western settlers in the island, and proceeded to the main attraction. The vast banyan tree sits in front of the historic court house. It is really immense. The banyan tree sends out suckers from its branches which form new trunks, but are still part of the main tree. This tree covers the park or square on the main street and is a haunt of many of the local point as well as a gathering place for tourists.

After the obligatory photos there we started looking for a place to eat. As it was fairly early, we did not expect a problem, but the first place would have entailed a wait, so we moved on and eventually found a pizza place where we were able to get a table. After we ordered, Irellan and I went round to pay for more parking. We returned and the three pizzas arrived which were completely consumed.

We then split up with Darcy and Fiona taking the children further north to a beach while the remainder of us browsed some more stores before heading after the rest to join them at the beach. They had gone to a renowned beach further on but were dissuaded by the cost of the parking and the crowds. They turned back to a smaller beach where we joined them.

Christine and Nan sat and watched the beach activity while the rest of us enjoyed the water. I was happy to discover that I could still snorkel, though I did not see the turtle that David, Darcy, Hunter & Irellan managed to spot. It was a lovely sunny afternoon till later on when a wind go up and the clouds appeared ready to shed rain. We packed up and headed for home as the wind rocked the vans, b ut had calmed down by the time we reached the house.

We talked for a while and dinner was prepared and cooked, which we again enjoyed out on the deck. We sat around talking and planning and David shot some photos of the stars as the sky had again cleared. Gradually people took their leave and headed for bed. Five of them are going for surfing lessons early in the morning and afterwards have the use of the boards till 2:45.

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