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Blog Eight – Auckland

Monday 4 June 2018

It is a big day ahead of us. We were up early, had the remainder of the food, packed the car and headed off to Kennedy Point to the ferry terminal where we checked in and had a heap of time for the ferry to arrive. It appears as though there was a bit of an issue with a new timetable and there were three and nearly four ferries arriving within 30 minutes of each other. The locals seemed amused and shaking their heads at what appeared to be complete confusion as what was going on and which ferry was supposed to arrive when. Looks like it’s the same everywhere!

Still we made it on the ferry and tucked our Sportage in tight with the other vehicles and wondered upstairs to ride the ferry back to Auckland. The weather had turned back to a completely blue sky and it was great sailing all the way. We docked just before 10:00 and by the time we were off the ferry and drove to the hotel to drop our bags off and check into our room (they kindly let us into the room very early) and then to the Hertz it was 10:25 and we had 5 minutes to spare in returning the Kia so the timing was perfect! We took a heap of photos of the car and then set off on foot to tackle the most populous city in the country.

Not surprisingly our first stop was Starbucks! It had been awhile since Jo’s last sip so we walked a way to the southern edge of the city centre past the Auckland University of Technology. After a frappe and a bit of rest we headed off again and went through Albert Park. The trees were very large and there was some interesting statues with the surrounds of the park framed by older and standout architecture. This would be a very pleasant place to live and spend some time.

After the park we headed through the city and took a wonder around the shops without really going into many – it was more of a window shop looking at what was around and not really looking for anything in particular. Still it was a good stroll. A bit further onwards we came to what is the trendy section of the city – the harbour. A huge amount of development is going on and we started from the eastern side and found some permanent stalls so we shared a tasty Asian dish and water before headed further west.

Our next stop was the obligatory souvenir shop which was surprising good. Wuzz bought some stuff and so did Ju. Nothing big but did put a dint into the remaining $NZs which was part of the reasons for the purchases. Further on and into the newer area it was very swish and new apartments and marina area complete with an all-black inspired yacht moored with another 100 that I would hate to think how much money was floating in the water. Not unless we win lotto, but that’s the way the other half live.

Having seen a fair bit of the city and it starting to head towards the mid afternoon we headed to our accommodation not far from the Sky Tower. We visited here first just to check out how tickets and dinner worked. We purchased the dinner a few months ago but just wanted to confirm when we could head up for a look which was 45 minutes either side of our dinner reservation.

And so we made back to the hotel for a quick rest before showering and heading back to the Sky Tower for a look and dinner. We headed up and took heaps of photos walking all the way around the observation deck before settling in a chair for a drink before heading to the revolving restaurant floor! Wuzz loves the revolving part and during the two hour three course meal it does two laps of Auckland. A bottle of sparking with dinner and we would consider it was one of the best meals, especially the main which was two different types of lamb that just fell off the fork. Wine was good as well. It was a great way to finish the North Island and we headed back to the hotel very full and content. We had an early start the next morning so after a couple Stones Mac bought from Waiheke we headed to bed.

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