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Red Hot Pokers

Yellow Flower

Beautiful Tree

Pink Flower

A Toad we met on the way

In the water

Meal preparation

Table Tennis

Small Table on the Deck

Living Room

Part of the Deck

Post dinner conversation

Sunset from the deck

We were up this morning as we awoke and had breakfast as we were ready, David and Dawn went for a walk and Darcy and the children set off later all of them exploring the neighbourhood. We ended up round the largest table (there are three) on the deck where we decided that some of us would head for Costco near the airport. Our original plan had been to do this after we arrived yesterday, but it was closed by the time we arrived. Eventually, Darcy, Fiona, David and Dawn, Nan and Iain headed off. Christine stayed with the grandchildren and talked to them.

It is amazing how much easier it is to find your way in strange surroundings when it is light rather than dark as it was last night. We did a vast shopping and returned to the house where we had lunch. After we ate we walked along to a park where there is beach. Some of us went into the water and Irellan snorkelled all afternoon. David and Dawn also snorkelled. Christine and Nan watched from the beach.

We returned to the house and prepared dinner which we gain enjoyed outside on the deck. It is so good to be able to enjoy the outdoors and we are so blessed to have a table big enough to accommodate all ten of us in the dining room and another outside on the deck.

We sat around talking and Darcy headed off to buy some ice cream, which we enjoyed, followed by some more conversation before people started to drift off one by one for an early night.

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