Our trip to West Africa - March/April 2019 travel blog











I started off this morning by putting our clocks back an hour and then spending twenty minutes of fast uphill walking in the gym - my weight is currently 67.5 kg which is pretty constant.

We received a letter from the captain last night apologising for the delays and changed schedule, and as a good will gesture he has applied a credit of US300 per guest to our onboard account to be used on the vessel. That should take care of the drinks bill (and a few items from the shop!)

Unfortunately we will now not be going to the island of Bom Bom so we'll have to organise our own beach party on board!

Yesterday we travelled to the moonscape area of Namibia where the landscape was completely different to anything we have seen. On the way we examined the national plant of Namibia which never dies - this particular specimen was between 1500 and 2000 years old. The young plant pictured was 40 years old!

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