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Travelled up to Corfu when the weather got better. Lots of strong winds over the weekend and wasn’t sure the ferries would be running.

Loaded up the car with various items Gen wanted and drove to Igoumenitsa and managed to get an earlier ferry which was great. Made it with a couple of minutes to spare.

It was nice getting back on board No. 2 and getting used to a whole new experience. She’s very comfortable.

Originally was intending to stay a week but we had some (nasty) surprises which delayed Gen getting various jobs completed - so ended up staying 2 1/2 weeks. We had a non working bilge pump with the bilge full of oil (from where it came is anyone’s guess), then we had one of toilets started back flooding mysteriously, then one of the portholes started leaking and the worst of all was the porthole above our bed. Gen managed to fix most of the problems but it took time.

We did go on a day trip to Kassopi and then drove through the centre of the island through the mountains - very beautiful especially the plains with their olive groves and vineyards and roads lined with spring flowers.

We happened to still be in Corfu for carnival which was very different to what we saw in Sicily last year. The first parade was adults dressed in Venetian costume and then later in the afternoon was groups of kids and adults dressed up in fancy dress, blowing whistles, banging drums etc.

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