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Breakfast at our hotel

Elephant on the road

On safari

Baby elephant on safari

Our hotel room for the night

Left this morning after a beautiful breakfast overlooking the pool joined by monitor lizards peacocks and monkeys. I have meant to note this before but I am very impressed with how environmentally conscious the people are here. Everything is recycled, water bottles are glass and refilled as are the toiletries in the room. Almost everything at the hotels we’ve stayed at is ecologically conscious and mostly recyclable.We are now headed to Udawalawe and will be going on an elephant safari later this afternoon.When our driver Dama who has been with us the entire trip came to pick us up this morning he told us that his brother-in-law had died the previous evening and he had to go home to his family. He said another driver would be meeting us at our next hotel. We understood but were very sad as we really liked him. He drove us to Udawalawe an on the way he stopped at a produce stand and bought some wood apples to show us what they looked like as we had discovered wood apple jam. He got us checked into our hotel. The hotel is very new and is really beautiful. Our room is massive and we have a balcony with a beautiful view of the jungle. Our safari driver picked us up and our new driver Nal and drove us to the park. Right away we were able to see about four or six elephants - mothers and a new baby one month old. A little further along we were able to see a couple more elephants and they were very calm around the jeeps. We drove further and saw numerous birds, monkeys, water buffalo and crocodiles but did not see another elephant. We were of course disappointed, but were thrilled to have seen the elephants that we did see. Our new driver told us that they’ve opened an elephant orphanage nearby where they take care of and raise the orphaned elephants and set them free again in the national park when they are grown. We are going to visit there tomorrow morning on our way out of town.

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