Columbia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands 2019 travel blog

Today after a long day of flights and delays we arrived in Quito, Ecuador. In Bogota, our transit city, we talked at length to a computer designer who is working remotely while he travels the world.

Quito is a 45 min. Drive from the airport. Our ride was waiting we were glad to see since we were 2 hours late. As we approached Quito we could see it spilling down 3 mountains. We crossed the Chico River some 3000 feet below. We learned there are 5 million people living here.

We checked into our hostel on the edge of the Old Town in daylight at 6.45p but by 7p the sun had departed and it was dark as we walked uphill to the Bistro Hermosa. We opted to eat on the rooftop and it was a good choice. The views up 3 mountains were spectacular. We could see 4 cathedrals lit up along with Christ the Redeemer who was in and out of mist. City squares were evident. We saw fireworks below Christ the Redeemer.....although he had hidden in the mist. We could see buildings far up the hillsides. Dinner was enjoyed despite the occasional raindrops. We left the restaurant just as the rain became serious.

We opted to walk to the square behind the Grande Hotel. We found a beautiful European style statue, fountains and trees. We followed a pedestrian street down to our new home. We remarked how much Quito feels like a European city.

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