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Horton Plains

Bakers Falls

Part of the terrain

Worlds End

More terrain

Strawberry farm

Goodies at the farm

Tuk-tuk - Main “taxi” over here

Fruit stand with wood apples

The front of our hotel

Elephant statues at the hotel

Our hotel room

Elephants under the shade tree

Elephant close to us in the park

Junior elephant

That’s a croc

Water buffalo in the park

We departed our hotel at 5:30 AM for the drive to Horton Plains national Park. The proprietor woke up early and packed us a nice breakfast of sandwiches bananas and a candy bar and water of course. The drive took a little over an hour on narrow windy roads. At last we reached the national Park and were not alone. I’m not sure actually how big, but the park is huge. We started off walking through planes with mountains in the background and the river beside us. To our surprise, we noticed the bushes and trees growing all over at the hillside were rhododendrons. Amazing that they could do so well and be so prolific in the wild. We continued on the terrain turned into more jungle and we climbed up and down rocky trails covered in tree roots and the like. We reached Baker Falls Which was very beautiful. We continued on through Plains through jungles and arrived at Worlds end. It is at the top of a mountain that overlooks the other mountains and the valleys below all completely covered in vegetation. We completed the hike in about three hours which we were pretty proud of. To say we were not tired would be a lie. We stopped at a restaurant and grab some snacks and a beer and then headed to the train station to take The train to Ella, approximately a three hour journey that is purported to be lined with gorgeous scenery. Although we were in first class, it’s still leaves much to be desired. It was fine, but the train was older and provided a pretty jerky ride. We saw a couple waterfalls on the side which were very beautiful and shortly after that it began to rain and then to pour obscuring any view we might have had. It rained all the way to Ella and poured rain all the way to our hotel. We arrived at our hotel around seven. It is really beautiful with acres and acres of trees and plants and rice patties. They have birdwatching nature walks, etc. not to mention they also have a gorgeous pool and beautiful grounds in our room is quite lovely. Unfortunately only one night here and we will be leaving in the morning heading to Udawalele to go on an elephant safari.

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