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Breakfast was the first item on our agenda this morning. It was about 7:15 when Jim & Kellie walked down to our place to ride along to “Jimmy’s Eggs”. We were greeted by smiling faces of friends when we entered the restaurant.

Denny & Jackie, John & Lori, and Jim & Karen greeted us and we shared a great deal of laughter and harassment while enjoying a fine breakfast.

Jim & Karen were not joining us for the trip to Mexico but the others were looking forward to a fun day at the “Tourist Appreciation Day” in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. Wow, it was crowded and it took quite some time for us to make it across the bridge to Ponchos Bar where we met our friends again. The fun certainly continued and the ladies even did some shopping before we left Ponchos and strolled south in the very crowded street. We were bombarded with loud music, bright colors, and the aroma of smoke from food cooking on the grills along the way. It was fun and entertaining as the ladies shopped along the street.

We had to wait about 30 minutes for a table at the Red Snapper but the music and the food were good. We left the restaurant, stopped to share hugs with Rafi who owns the salon on the street level below the restaurant, and then continued to a pharmacy to purchase some meds before heading home.

It was certainly a fine day but it sure felt good to get my shoes off and relax with some NCAA basketball on TV.

John & Lori are leaving tomorrow and we wish them safe travels. It was great to share some time with you dear friends. All of our friends are much of the reason we continue to say “Life is Good!”

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