our setup

theres plenty of space for more RV's

Rebecca gets to know the security team

six days old baby goats

they run and frolic

Rebecca pets the donkeys and mini horse

Guinea Hens browse to keep the insect population down.

The hostes sells farm goods, eggs, jelly, honey, wool and more...

The host gathers the eggs for next day deliveries

The hostess took Rebecca and the other RV'er on a guided tour...

This a Harvest Host stop and we love this place. The couple that own it are so comfortable to be with and welcoming. This is our third time staying. For more info. go to: HarvestHosts.com to sign up, it cost about $40 to get over 500 boondocking sites and most are as neat as this one.

This visit was different in that, we didn't see the herd of sheep that were once here. There was one other motorhome that came in after we did. They were a nice family of five from San Antonio, TX. There were baby goats from two days old and six days old, all looked so cute and frisky. It was fun to watch them. The hostess, Bobby took Rebecca and the other RV lady on a guided tour of the farm, all along the way explain some details of care and keeping of farm animals. We were able to buy fresh, 1 day old eggs and some Mayhaw jelly! We were so hoping the Mayhaw jelly would be available! Yea!

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