Drive up and sign in

a front porch for sittin

friendly and helpful staff are willing to take care of your stay

while signing in, want some coffee?

or need some relief?

the restroom is unique

don't forget to wash...

our site #57 was good

while shopping, we came across this customized golf car

very neat paint and cool details

we found many cute signs

and hidden treasures like this mouse house entrance.

THE best after hours sign in desk we've seen yet!

The day after our last work day at the Center for Great Apes we departed the area and traveled the 160 miles north up I-75 to Wildwood. We wanted to stop by here for a couple days to see our friends, the Warwells, as it may be quite sometime before we meet again. However, there wasn't room at our usual park the Thousand Trails Three Flags which is just down the street. A quick search and phone call and we are staying here. A very nice park, used to be a KOA but acquired privately two years ago and greatly improved. We enjoyed the western motif in the office and other buildings. It's all very welcoming.

The time we spent with our friends was terrific. Dave and Dennis went to a local shooting range for a couple hours. The gals enjoyed their relaxing chair time watching nature. And of course, we all ate too much. But then again, what are friends for?

Tomorrow, heading up the road...

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