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We woke to see another gray overcast day with clouds hovering near the ground. A light to heavy mist stayed around for most of the day, keeping things wet and a bit chilly.

After the usual morning coffee I drove to Home Depot to purchase one of those boxes used by Realty folks to keep the key to a house handy. Those little boogers are heavy!

I then shopped for a few groceries before heading home but was soon on my way, driving in the rain. Once I arrived I unloaded the groceries and then sat with the security box, learning how to put in a code and open it. Later, John walked over to mount it on the wall. Thanks John. Jim & Karen drove up and left with the Pony Tail Palm and some painted pots to hold other plants.

It wasn’t long before we drove over to Bentsen Palms to pick up Eddie & Jan for a ride to Dinner with friends at a Mexican restaurant called “Los Asados”. The food was tasty but it was the company which made the day. I mostly visited with Mike, who is the only other pilot in our happy gang. It was nice to talk flying with someone of Mike’s experience level.

We drove home with a bit of sadness because we were saying “So Long” to Eddie & Jan who are leaving tomorrow morning.

Denny & Jackie, John & Lori, Jim & Kellie, along with Marilyn & I are going to Mexico tomorrow for the annual celebration called Tourist Appreciation Day. It should be fun and the weather is supposed to be nice. Life is Good!

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