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The pool at our hotel at Kandy

At the tea plantation

Thousands of tea plants covering the hillsides

Processing the TV

Woke up this morning and headed down to a fabulous buffet breakfast. After breakfast we departed the cinnamon Kandy hotel and headed to the gem museum. The museum is just a ruse to get you to buy jewelry. We were able to escape the sale persons clutches after only 2+ hours and one purchase. We then went downtown to do some shopping And made some purchases after some significant haggling pain. We then departed Kandy and drove into the mountains passing vast tea plantations. We stopped at one plantation for a tour, tea tasting and a small purchase. We continued to drive for some additional time and then stopped at our hotel for the evening. As we drove in we were somewhat apprehensive As to the location of the hotel and it’s proximity to the town. When we entered the property we were immediately presented with a menu to select our dinner for the evening , We were offered a tea or coffee and were a bit put off by the immediacy of the selection. As it turned out our fears were ill-founded. Our room was quite nice the dinner that we had was very good and the Proprietor and chef ( two different people ) where exceptionally friendly and nice . The building itself was built in 1831 and is extremely charming. Tomorrow we start at approximately 5 AM for us to drive an hour and a half for a 10 km trek. That being said we are early to bed details regarding the trek to follow.

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