Our trip to Nepal and Bhutan - March 2019 travel blog

Starting the walk up the mountain


The Monastary in the distance







The famous Tiger Nest Monastary


Festival of Colours - Kathmandu




Wednesday March 20

We made it!

Yesterday we got to walk through the Tiger Nest Monestary!

We started the walk early at about 8.30am but there was already plenty of others on the track. The temperature when we started was only 3 degrees and was due to warm up to about 12 degrees - we had several layers of clothing which we peeled off as we warmed up.

The track is very rough and a steep incline. We climbed from an altitude of 2,200 meters at the base to 3,100 meters (10,240 ft) at the Monestary. Not only is the terrain extremely rough we have to share the track with those who chose to ride horses to about the half way mark. We were passed by horses going up and then as the horses returned back down the track.

It was a very tough hike made all that more difficult by the shortness of oxygen at that altitude. There was a cafe about half way that supplied a welcome tea and biscuits.

The views of the countryside as we walked the track were beautiful.

We got to a point where we were almost level with the Monestary, which is somehow perched on the side of this Himalayan mountain, but it was on the other side of a large chasm. We then had to walk 750 steps down to the bottom of the chasm and back up the other side. It had taken four hours to get to the Monestary.

Well worth it and a great sense of achievement. Spent an hour there before starting the return trip having lunch at the cafe at the half way mark. It was after 4pm before getting back to the car park and a welcome sit down.

This is our last full day and have just arrived back in Kathmandu. We fly out tomorrow via China to get back in Melbourne Friday morning.

Our good luck continues. We arrived back in Kathmandu at lunch time to discover that today is Holi Day. It's a public holiday and the streets are swarming with people dancing, singing and throwing colored powder over each other. Quite a spectacle. We have been for a walk and managed to survive being powdered.

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