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We shared another fine day today. The weather wasn’t all that great but we stayed busy doing tasks needing attention.

I removed the empty propane tank and took it up the road to be filled at “Pony Express” for $28.00. I drove back to the resort and saw John with the air compressor airing up the tires on our RV. He also aired the truck tires and the air ride system. This good friend then lubed the slide mechanism as well as the jacks and landing gear. I lubed the hitch in the truck and then we went indoors to visit.

Lori walked down and joined the little band inside the RV. We visited until our friends had to leave to meet Denny & Jackie for lunch.

Speaking of lunch, Marilyn fixed open faced sloppy Joe sandwiches, and served them with veggies and oatmeal cookies for dessert.

After lunch I had to get busy and complete our Federal Income Tax return. That is always a frustrating chore but it went fairly well and we are getting a modest refund so all is well and that chore is finished for this year. Thankfully we don’t need to do a State Return here in Texas.

It rained in the afternoon but was mostly finished by the time I drove to the mail boxes to pick up a “Copper Fit” back brace I had ordered from Amazon. I’ll check it out when we go to Mexico on Thursday.

So another fine day in the full-time RV life drifts slowly to a close. There is simply no way around it, Life is Good!

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