Out and About with Daisy 2019 travel blog

Emcee Brian Brandenburg

Volunteers, Diana and Lee Moran

Volunteers, Greg and Roxie Dowling

Volunteers, Donna and Scott Rod

Volunteers, Colleen and Bob Johnson

Carl Perry Playing Native American Flute

Bagpiper Randy Lagman

Laura Martin

Glenda Alexander

Today has been a busy one. Late this afternoon there was a memorial service at CARE for a man who lived in the neighborhood. Nearly everyone knew and loved him. I didn’t know him but I had met his wife. The retired minister who conducted the service asked me to play the piano and I was relieved that I knew all the hymns that the widow had chosen.

Tonight there was a totally different kind of activity. We had a St. Patrick’s Day party in the dining room. It was a lot of fun, as usual. Brian Brandenburg is an excellent party planner and we’re lucky to have him as a resident here. First, we had an old-fashioned trivia quiz. Then Brian told funny stories and did a hilarious skit as an Irishman. We also had a few games of Charades and Pictionary and some music, including a sing-along of well-known Irish songs. Carl Perry played “Danny Boy” on a Native American flute and Randy Lagman, husband of one of the volunteers, played four pieces on his bagpipes. He even dressed the part in his tartan kilt, hat and boots.

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