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Lotus flowers for offering at the temple

King cobras

2,000 year old statue in the cave

More in the cave

Under the bodhi tree where Buddha found enlightenment

Announcing the service

Water buffalo curd for sale

Half eaten curd

Yum Yum enjoying water buffalo milk curd

Beginning the Batik process, drawing the pattern

Waxing the fabric to prevent the dye from entering that part

Boiling the wax off the finished product

All finished

A final product

A Hindu temple we passed along the way

Approaching the temple of the tooth

Budda’s Tooth is behind the gold door

Once a year the tools would be placed in this Vessel and...

We visited the rock temple in Dambulla. It consists of five different caves of varying ages. The earliest ones gave back to the first century BC. There are a total of 150 statues of Buddha, painted ceilings and other artwork dating back many many years ago. At least five of the statues are made from the same piece of stone. It is still a holy place where the monks hold regular services. The town is located in the center of the country. Beneath the cave temples is the golden temple with a giant Buddha in front. From Dambulla we we drove to Kandy. On the way we stopped at the spice plantation and were given a tour of all of the different spices and how they are used for Aryuvedic medicine. It was very interesting to see how nutmeg, Pepper, Tutmeric, cardamom, and other spices grow in nature. We were able to purchase some of the Aryuvedic blends to treat maladies such as eczema and arthritis. Also on the way to Kandy we stopped at a stand selling water buffalo curd with honey. It was actually really good. Our last stop on the way was at a batik factory. It was very interesting to see the way they made batik, Particularly as they made it with no modern conveniences. No electricity no gas no washing machine etc.We checked into our hotel , Went for a much-needed swim in the beautiful pool and are now getting ready to go visit the temple of the tooth which purports to have the tooth of Buddha held there.

We were picked up at the hotel by our driver Dama and we drove through heavy traffic to the Buddhist temple of the tooth. It is a major Buddhist shrine. In Sri Lanka every full moon is a holiday for everyone in the country. Tomorrow is the first full moon so there was a horde of people attending the temple tonight and many more will be there tomorrow. Thousands of people were there and they brought lotus flowers, water lilies and food to present as offerings to the Buddha. There are also many hundreds of school children in their school uniforms in attendance. The tooth of the Buddha can actually be Observed but the line starts forming about an hour ahead of time and it would take a lot of patience to actually observe that tooth. We visited the Temple Museum and it had many historical items and artifacts relating to the history of Buddha. After we left the temple which by the way was very impressive we returned to the hotel for a cocktail and dinner and then to bed

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