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Marilyn cleaned and straightened the RV inside while I headed outdoors to begin packing for our trip to Missouri. I worked inside the coach house and completed all but one item there. I then began moving plastic tubs filled with items, either to the basement storage area or to a place near the truck.

John and then Denny & Jackie arrived and the guys made me a supervisor where all I had to do was direct traffic. By the time 10:00 AM rolled around everything was finished, the basement storage area was filled, the truck bed was cleared and ready for travel, and we have only a few items remaining to be completed. Thank you John and Denny!!!!

Later in the afternoon Jesse & Ginger dropped by for a visit as they are leaving tomorrow morning. It is always good to see and visit with these good friends and we hope to see them again during the summer.

Soon after Jesse & Ginger left, I headed to the shower and then dressed for the St Patrick’s Potato Bake at the Clubhouse. Eddie & Jan came by to pick us up and we were soon at a table in the Clubhouse, visiting with each other and many others who were at the event. Promptly at 5:00 PM we began with prayer and then the food. The baked potatoes were huge and so hot they burned your fingers but the variety of toppings was far more than you could possibly put on a single plate. The meal was very good and more than most folks could eat, not counting the cupcakes served as dessert.

We were back home in our “comfy clothes” by 6:00 and looked forward to spending some real quiet time in the evening. Life is Good!

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