Spring Training 2019 travel blog

Today is our go home day. We have a flight scheduled for 3:00 PM.

We got up, had our usual breakfast, packed our bags and left for the airport. It was raining this morning. Perfect timing! The first real steady rain during the entire trip. We got near the airport and I stopped at a nearby gas station to fill up as required by Hertz. We saw the sign in front that said the gas was $2.29/gal. That was real good having seen most stations were sitting at $2.69/gal. I got out to pump the gas (I miss NJ)and noticed that the pump said $2.88. I went to look at the sign and noticed the small print. It was $2.29 with a car wash, $2.78 cash and $2.88 credit. Fortunately, I did not need much to fill up.

We dropped off the car and got into the airport early, heeding the warning United had sent us about spring break being busier for check-in and TSA. We had little problem with check-in and were off to TSA. Since we had time, we decided to have lunch. We walked the terminal and chose the Sam Snead Grill. It sat right next to the putting green. We had a decent lunch, watched a man work on his putting (not ready for the PGA) and were on our way.

We got to TSA, and found few people waiting in line. I joked with the agent that I was glad they were still accepting a NJ drivers license for ID. He said that was right...until they tell us to stop! We moved on to scanning and an agent was doing the usual advising us to empty pockets, take computers out of bags, etc. He also reminded that anyone age 75 or over did not have to remove shoes or light jackets (we are talking Florida here!). That reminded Cheryl of her Newark airport age incident. Cheryl mentioned that to him, and he said he stopped asking people about their age long ago. Got him into too much trouble, especially with ladies.

We moved quickly through TSA and on to our gate. We were early enough that the previous flight to Newark was just starting to board. When I see a flight heading to Newark, I always like to look at the people to see if I know anyone. Not this time. Once that flight boarded we found seats to wait for our flight. We bought some newspapers to pass the time. As we sat, the area started to fill in. As always I looked over the people, and sure enough, I recognized someone. Sitting directly across from us was our former governor Chris Christie. Not exactly a person I wanted to see, but interesting. We speculated what he may be doing there. I suggested maybe he was at Mar-a-Lago. We thought for a minute and decided no, he's on the outs with Trump. Eventually we boarded our flight, me in boarding group 3, Cheryl in boarding group 4 (I have a window seat). The plane pushed away a few minutes late, but made up the time on the way. We arrived and were met by my brother John, had dinner on the way home, and celebrated having an uneventful return trip.

A few thoughts about our trip. Everything worked about as well as hoped for. There were no major snags. When we were planning our trip, my dentist had told me that I really didn't want to go to Port St. Lucie because there was nothing to do there. Well, he wasn't far off. However, we did have a good enough time that we are already considering a return trip next year. All in all, it's good to be home...if only it was a little warmer.

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