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The Sigiriya map

The lion rock 5th century

The lion’s paws-all that is left of the lion

Heading up the stairs

After enjoying a lovely breakfast in the jungle with our new friends a couple of mongeese, and a jungle fowl and her chicks, we packed to get ready for our next destination, SIGIRIYA. Not that we are about food, but have to describe breakfast. We started with fresh fruit-guava, pineapple, watermelon, and banana with fresh watermelon juice. Next was millet porridge with coconut milk-delicious. Then eggs to order with coconut and honey filled crapes, coconut roti, toast with wood apple jam, onion sambal, mixed berry jam etc. Drove for a couple of hours through beautiful countryside filled with rice paddies, coconut trees, banana trees, etc. arrived in Sigiriya and checked into our hotel. The hotel seems very nice and even has a swimming pool. We are relaxing for a couple of hours and then our driver is picking us up and driving us to Sigiriya Which means lion rock. That refers to the way visitors used to begin their final ascent to the top through the open jars and throat of a lion. Sigiriya is a huge complex built by the king in the fifth century A.D. Is truly an amazing feat. There are water gardens and a water system that includes fountains,swimming pools, and Motes. Most of the places in ruins but there are still a number of walls and stairs and foundations from the various structures. The path to the top of the rock is 1200 steps. I made it to the top Mike made it 2/3.

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